Industry promotion programs

For the third time, M Promotion International became responsible for operation and implementation of Industry Promotion Programs.

Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology in Poland entrusted with care over the four sides of the program, which are:

- Automotive and Aviation Parts
- Construction and finishing of buildings
- Polish Fashion
- Machines and devices.

The aim of industry programmes is promotion of Polish companies on foreign markets, increase export opportunities by creating possibility of gaining new contractors by participation in fairs, missions, conferences and promotion of entire industry.

Implementation of the programe in the new reality we are facing is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity to rebuild and further development of particular industries. Activities will be carried out in crucial countries and on the top trade fairs for industries. The exact list of events is available on the M Promotion 

Industry Promotion Programs have been developed under the program 3.3.2 “Promotion of the economy based on Polish product brands – Brand of the Polish Economy – Brand” of the Intelligent Development Operational Program.